MRI Coils

Lease MRI is your source for new and used MRI coils

When it comes to magnetic resonance imaging, next to the part of the body being imaged is the MRI coil. There are different types of coils that are made available for the head, shoulders, knees and other body parts. The MRI coil is what emits the radio frequency to make your exam possible.

Lease MRI provides you with a great selection of new and used MRI coils from manufacturers such as Philips and GE Healthcare. All our MRI coils have had system diagnostics and calibrations to meet or exceed OEM specifications.

At Lease MRI, you will find the following types of coils to suit your needs.

  • MRI Body Coil
  • MRI Brain Coil
  • MRI Breast Coil
  • MRI Head Coil
  • MRI Knee Coil
  • MRI Neck Coil
  • MRI Spine Coil
  • MRI Flexible Coil
  • MRI Extremity Coil
  • MRI Phased Array Coil
  • MRI Gradient Coil

Feel free to contact Lease MRI at any time to see how purchasing a new or used MRI coil can expand your clinic’s capabilities.

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