MRI Equipment

Lease MRI knows that choosing the right MRI system for your clinic might be a tough and difficult process. We can help you find the right system to fulfill your needs and fit your budget. We offer the highest quality of MRI systems at the most affordable prices.

Lease MRI sells Magnetic Resonance Imaging Systems from the following manufacturers:

  • GE MRI
  • Gives you MRI systems that provide you with accuracy and more productivity to exceed your expectations.  Offers your clinic magnetic resonance imaging systems from entry level to some of the most advanced MRI systems available in the industry.

  • Philips MRI
  • Provides a portfolio of advance MRI systems that address your imaging needs. These magnetic resonance products will simplify your worjkflow and accelerate your imaging processes to help build your patient referrals. They are easy to use and designed with your patients in mind.

  • Siemens MRI
  • Offering you systems are equipped with the Tim® Technology that provides your clinic with a new level of flexibility, accuracy and speed. These systems have all the tools you need that are easy to use that allow you to provide your patients with a fast and accurate exam.

  • Toshiba MRI
  • Providing you with a variety of systems that have been designed with your patients in mind. These MRI systems have been designed with a large FOV, spacious apertures and equipped with the Pianissimo to reduce acoustic noise for more patient comfort.

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