GE Fonar Upright MRI Machine

FONARThere are many reasons that a pre-owned GE Fonar Upright MRI system is an attractive option, especially when it comes to patient comfort and convenience. Even though open sided MRI machines have done quite a bit to make the scanning process easier for anxious, claustrophobic or large patients, they are not a perfect solution for everyone. But a GE Fonar system, which allows a patient to sit or stand upright during the scan, helps fill in that gap. This system is so versatile that patients can stand, sit or lay down, and that can be a tremendous help for a patient who is in pain and might have limited flexibility of movement.

If you think that images produced by a Fonar Upright MRI scanner will not be as good as those from a conventional MRI, then you might need to think again. Fonar has conducted tests with radiologists by showing them images from both kinds of machines and asking them to pick the Fonar images, and the results have proven that the image quality is equal.

Another benefit of buying a pre-owned Fonar Upright MRI is that it is perfect for pediatric uses. Young patients can sit on a parent’s lap during a scan, and those that are a little older and enjoy cartoons can comfortably sit in the machine and watch TV while being scanned. You might even have a hard time getting them out of the scanner when they are done.

Of course all these patient comforts aren’t worth much if the MRI system doesn’t perform well, but you won’t have to worry about that with a Fonar Upright MRI. These machines have a history of reliability and top quality imaging, making a used Fonar Upright MRI an excellent model to buy.

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