GE OpenSpeed MRI Machine

GE OpenspeedWhile an MRI scan seems like no big deal to someone in the healthcare industry, it can be a very big deal to your patients. Whether you have pediatric patients or the elderly, you probably have some very anxious patients. And of course you’ll encounter plenty of claustrophobic patients. For all of those cases, a pre-owned GE Signa OpenSpeed HD MRI system is the perfect answer.

With an extra large opening, plus specially designed lighting and ventilation, the GE Signa OpenSpeed can be reassuring for even the most anxious patients. Of course the design and comfort features of an MRI scanner are important, but those are not worth much if the machine is slow or doesn’t perform well. But you don’t have to worry about that with the GE OpenSpeed, which runs high performance applications like TRICKS and PROPELLER and produces top notch images for vascular, neuro and body applications.

As you would expect with a name like OpenSpeed, this MRI model features GE’s highly acclaimed detachable scan table, which can help you get a patient in and out of the machine before they even have time to get anxious or claustrophobic.

When you buy a pre-owned or refurbished GE MRI system you can be confident that you are getting a machine with the latest technology that has been thoroughly tested and proven. Plus, GE goes to great lengths to make their MRI systems updatable, so your pre-owned GE MRI scanner can remain on the cutting edge of technology for years to come. If you want a high performance machine that will surely put your patients at ease and help your staff efficiently produce quality images, then a pre-owned GE Signa OpenSpeed MRI system deserves strong consideration.

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