GE Ovation MRI Machine

GE OvationGetting an MRI can be an intimidating and scary experience for many patients, but the GE Signa Ovation MRI scanner will help put them at ease. This open MRI model is perfect for claustrophobic or anxious patient, as well as larger patients who might be uncomfortable in a standard MRI machine. If you buy a pre-owned GE Ovation MRI then you’ll have a system that can handle just about any application, from full body scans to cardiac to breast to neuro to vascular.

The Ovation model is specially designed to accommodate virtually any size patient with 56 inches between the offset posts and a flexible XL body coil. The design is completely open and no other system offers a larger patient space. The patient can also adjust the lighting and ventilation on their own, making this system one of the most patient friendly on the market. Besides offering exceptional patient comfort, the GE Ovation produces high quality images with remarkable speed.

When you by a pre-owned GE MRI system, you are getting a company that has more than 100 years of experience in medical equipment manufacturing. GE Healthcare is a $10 billion company and a recognized leader in MRI and MR systems. Purchasing a used GE MR scanner is a wise investment because you know that there will always be demand for that system for years to come, so if you ever want to sell it and upgrade to a newer model then you’ll have no problem finding a buyer.

When it comes to patient comfort, it’s hard to beat a used GE Ovation system. And when you compare the price of a new GE Ovation to the prices for pre-owned GE Ovation systems, the final choice is very easy to make.

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