GE Profile II MRI Machine

GE Profile IIIf you are looking for a newer and more powerful version of the acclaimed GE Profile MRI scanner, then look no further than the GE Profile II. Although the two models are very similar, the GE Profile II offers some newer features and more advanced technologies. A refurbished GE Profile II is among the most powerful open MRI scanners on the market today, yet they can still be had at affordable prices.

As with the other models in the GE Profile line, this machine features the Signa Profile System, which offers a compact open magnet, high performance gradient system, advanced digital imaging, single-screen user interface and application specific imaging coils. The GE Profile II offers several comfort features for your patients, like a two-way intercom system, and the operating system is efficient and intuitive, meaning that you can scan patients faster and create a more pleasant experience for them.

The GE Profile II is one of the most powerful open MRI scanners available, and it is also one of the fastest machines of its kind. It has a 19-inch high resolution monitor and can easily be expanded from single channel operation to multiple channel operations. The main CPU memory, array processor and hard drive capacity are all expandable as well, meaning that you can customize this machine for your specific needs.

GE MRI scanners are among the most popular when it comes to refurbished MRI machines because of their history of quality, durability and performance. If you want a machine that will last for many years and always perform at a high level, it makes sense to look at a refurbished GE Profile II MRI system.

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