GE Profile MRI Machine

GE ProfileThe GE Profile line of MRI machines is widely considered to be among the best and most powerful systems available and is perhaps the most economical open MRI scanner for whole body imaging. Buying a refurbished early generation GE Profile MRI machine is an affordable way to get a high-powered scanner that can produce quality full body imaging.

Although the GE Profile is certainly not a small machine, GE has gone to great lengths to conserve space where possible without sacrificing power or performance. This machine offers 2D and 3D pulse sequencing and five different scan orientations. The Signa Profile System allows the operator to enter patient information ahead of time, even for multiple patients, so that will allow you to scan patients faster and more efficiently.

Even though the GE Profile MRI is best known as a full body scanner, it can just as easily focus its considerable power on one part of the body, whether its joints or a specific body part. It can also be used for central nervous system scans, vascular scans and much more.

Among the patient-friendly features of the GE Profile MRI machines are a two-way intercom system so that the patient can talk to the operator and vice versa, and there’s also a patient call button. The patient exam table features lateral movement. If you are looking for an affordable used open MRI, then the GE Profile is an excellent choice. GE has a long history of producing quality MRI machines, and because this model is so popular and widely used you can rest easy knowing that refurbished parts and qualified service technicians will be easy to find.

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