GE Signa HDe MRI Machine

GE Signa HDeOne of the newest models in the acclaimed GE line of MRI systems is the GE Signa HDe. It features 18 superconductive shim coils for incredible image quality and clarity no matter that application you use it for. Although it’s one of the newest MRI systems on the market, there are still used and refurbished GE Signa HDe MRI systems available that offer significant savings over buying a brand new system.

Of course there is nothing simple about an MRI machine, but the GE Signa HDe is extraordinarily easy to use, which means you can get your patients on and off the scanning table faster than ever. That means more patients for you, plus happier patients because of less time on the table.

If you purchase a used GE Signa HDe MRI system, then you are getting a machine that is about 30% smaller than comparable systems, but you don’t have to sacrifice features or image quality. In fact, the Signa HDe is the most compact 1.5T system on the market today.

And because GE Healthcare is a worldwide leader in medical equipment manufacturing, especially when it comes to MRI systems, you don’t need to worry about the availability of parts or qualified service technicians. And because pre-owned GE MRI systems tend to hold their value for many years, you can also be confident that you are making a sound investment with this MRI scanner.

Like all GE MRI machines, the Signa HDe features cutting edge technology, like the newest generation Volume Reconstruction Engine and the latest GE applications like LAVA, TRICKS, VIBRANT and PROPELLER. So if you are in the market for a used or refurbished MRI scanner, make sure you have the GE Signa HDe on your list.

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