GE Signa HDx 3.0T MRI Machine

Signa HDX 3.0TIt wasn’t that long ago that an MRI scanning system as powerful and advanced as the GE Signa HDx 3.0T was out of reach for most clinical applications and it was only in use by deep-pocketed research labs. But the prices for GE Signa HDx 3.0T have come down recently, especially for pre-owned Signa HDx 3.0T MRI systems.

Even though the Signa HDx 3.0T is about as advanced and feature packed as you can find on the market today, it is still easy to use for the operator and comfortable and fast for your patients. Another nice feature for patients is the detachable table, which helps with safety, comfort and speed.

A pre-owned Signa HDx 3.0T MRI scanner will give you the industry’s most advanced Echo Planar Imaging (EPI) and the completely unique short magnet system means you get the best fat saturation of any MRI scanner.

As you would expect, the Signa HDx 3.0T offers cutting edge technology, like the new XRVE volume reconstruction engine that provides real-time images of incredible clarity. And its high density coils allow the operator to focus all the power of this MRI scanner on a specific area of the patient.

You can surely find less expensive pre-owned MRI scanners than the Signa HDx 3.0T, but you’ll have a hard time finding one that is more powerful and advanced. And by jumping ahead of the technology curve with this system, you can keep it for many years and then resell it when you want to upgrade to the next generation of technology. Pre-owned MRI systems from GE Healthcare have a long history of holding their value, not to mention unmatched quality and reliability, so a refurbished GE Signa HDx 3.0T MRI system is a great choice.

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