Philips Panorama 0.6T MRI Machine

Philips-PanoramaThere are a lot of factors to consider when it comes time to purchasing a pre-owned MRI machine, and one of the most important is patient comfort. After all, even if your MRI scanner produces great images, if your patients are not comfortable during the scan then they might choose to go elsewhere next time. But with the Philips Panorama MRI, you won’t have to worry about that. In fact, a study by Philips found that 72% of patients preferred the Panorama model over other options. No matter if your patient is large or small, anxious or calm, they will appreciate the comfort features of a refurbished Philips Panorama MRI system.

This open MRI system provides 360 degrees of panoramic scanning, thus its name, and with a 160cm wide patient aperture, it’s comfortable and accommodating for any kind of patient. Because the Panorama is an open machine, it allows you to perform scans without sedating patients, and you can help keep them calm by allowing loved ones to stand nearby because it’s easy to maintain visual contact with the patient while using this system.

Like many of the MRI systems produced by Philips, the Panorama model features the ability to use ExamCards, which can simply be downloaded to the machine and will automatically run even the most complex of scanning procedures. It’s efficiency features like this that make pre-owned Philips MRI systems so popular, because the faster and more efficiently you can scan patients the better. A fast scan creates a pleasant experience for them, and allows you to get more patients through the scanner each day. For all those reasons and more, you need to consider a pre-owned Philips Panorama MRI system.

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