Siemens Harmony 1.0T MRI Machine

Siemens-HarmonyThe Siemens MAGNETOM Harmony 1.0T Maestro Class MRI system is powerful, efficient, versatile, and perhaps most importantly, affordable. Of course purchasing a pre-owned Siemens MAGNETOM Harmony MRI will save you money as compared to buying a new system, but it can also save you money because of its incredible efficiency. Because it can scan and process faster than comparable machines, it allows you to have shorter scan times and to see up to 20% more patients each day. Plus, the Siemens Harmony MRI system only takes up 325 square feet of floor space, including the magnet, computer area and operating space. You don’t need a dedicated computer room with this MRI system.

Your patients will also benefit from a refurbished Siemens Harmony MRI because of its comfortable and easy to position floating exam table. It is completely detachable and can be lowered to just under 18 inches off the floor, meaning that you can offer your patients a level of comfort that many others simply cannot. Anything you can do to make the experience faster and more pleasant for your patients will help you achieve repeat patients.

The Siemens Harmony MRI offers much more than just comfort – it also has incredible power and speed. With a total of three Pentium 4 processors and the ability to reach reconstruction speeds of nearly 1,300 images per second, it can simultaneously process up to five data sets. This MRI scanner also allows you to scan with shorter breath holds, which speeds up the entire scanning process and makes for a more pleasant experience for your patients. This machine is a complete package of performance, speed and comfort, and when you consider that fact that it is also affordable, that makes a pre-owned Siemens MAGNETOM Harmony MRI scanner a wise investment.

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