Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz MRI Machine

MAGNETOM JazzA full size open MRI scanner is not only an expensive investment, but it also requires a tremendous amount of floor space. So if price and space are two of your big concerns, then take a long look at buying a pre-owned Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz. This MRI machine offers many of the same features and capability of much bigger machines, but in a smaller package with a smaller price. The Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz is perfect for knee, shoulder and extremity scans, and its small size makes it easy to fit just about anywhere. It can also be an excellent addition to your current full body MRI scanner.

Unlike most other MRI machines, the Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz can be moved relatively easily and offers several features that allow for a fast install and uninstall. Like all the machines in the Siemens MAGNETOM family of MRI machines, the Jazz offers some of the latest technologies coupled with an operator-friendly interface and plenty of comfort features for patients.

Along with GE, Siemens Healthcare is one of the oldest and most respected companies in the MRI industry. Siemens has been around for more than 125 years and is known around the world for its cutting-edge research and development. So if you are looking to purchase a pre-owned Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz MRI scanner, then you won’t need to worry about reliability. And in the rare instance that you need a part or a qualified service technician, it will be easy to find because Siemens machines are in such wide use. Plus, because Siemens machines known for their longevity, you can be assured of many years of use with a Siemens MAGNETOM Jazz and if you ever want to resell it in the future you’ll have no shortage of buyers.

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