Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5T MRI Machine

Siemens MaestroEvery MRI system is a powerful piece of medical equipment, but few can match the power of the Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5T MRI scanner. Using Siemens’ Power-class technology, the Siemens Symphony Maestro can reduce scanning time by up to 75%. That means you can see more patients each day, and the ones that you see will leave with a smile on their face after being surprised by how fast their scan was. A pre-owned Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5T will give you the power of Integrated Panoramic Array (IPA), which you will only find on the Siemens line of MRI systems. IPA allows you to use up to four flexible coils to produce faster scans with greater patient comfort. This system can save up to five minutes per procedure, so buying a refurbished Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5T could actually save you money by allow you to see more patients.

The Siemens Symphony Maestro MRI system also offers the option of using TIM (Total Imaging Matrix), which is a full body coil system comprised of 76 coil elements with 32 independent RF channels. That means you can perform even complex scans with no patient or coil repositioning. And the Siemens Symphony Maestro runs the most advanced syngo applications, like SPACE, GRAPPA, VIEWS, SWI and BLADE. Plus this system allows doctors and experts to remotely access the MR suite, meaning that you can get second opinions faster and more efficiently than ever.

Despite all its advanced technologies, the Siemens Symphony Maestro is amazingly simple for an operator to run. If offers an incredible amount of automation and the syngo system is among the most intuitive available. You really can’t go wrong with a refurbished Siemens Symphony Maestro 1.5T MRI system.

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