Toshiba Vantage Atlas MRI Machine

Toshiba Vantage AtlasIf you had to guess which company achieved a Number One ranking in the KLAS Performance Study on MRI systems, you might say GE or Siemens. But actually the winner of that prestigious honor was Toshiba, which has made a tremendous impact in the MRI industry in a relatively short time. The Vantage line of MRI machines is Toshiba’s most popular, and the Vantage Atlas is their 1.5T ultra-short bore model. Like all the pre-owned Toshiba Vantage MRI systems, the Atlas model features the revolutionary Pianissimo technology that does an incredible job of reducing noise levels. That’s something that your patients will also appreciate and a big reason that you should consider purchasing a pre-owned Toshiba Vantage Atlas system.

The Toshiba Vantage Atlas system offers an integrated coil system that simultaneously uses up to 128 elements. It also features a moveable spine coil and the ability to do feet-first imaging. With three body coils and a head/neck coil, you can virtually eliminate coil repositioning and get your patients in and out of the scan room faster and more efficiently. Some of the other features of the Toshiba Vantage Atlas include advanced cardiac imaging, fat free imaging, freeze frame imaging and the exclusive Body Vision technique, which uses Echo Planar Imaging.

And just because the Toshiba Vantage Atlas is quiet and comfortable, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice speed or clarity. With SPEEDER parallel processing, this machine offers increased image acquisition speed that can help you reduce scan times and get your patients through the scan room faster. Toshiba already has a strong reputation for all kinds of high technology products, and now they are gaining notice for their MRI systems. All that makes a refurbished Toshiba Vantage Atlas a strong threat to compete with any other MRI system on the market today.

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